Members: Business Development

Via Promotion of Capabilities


  • We know in detail the business plan and the products and/or services each member offers.

  • We disseminate and promote these capabilities among the participants of the infrastructure ecosystem.

  • We channel and follow up on the expressions of interest by prospective clients and customers.

  • We aggregate and articulate the products and/or services  of our members for the joint exploitation of the business opportunities we identify.


Via Project Orchestration

  • We identify the business opportunities, concrete infrastructure projects, and disseminate them, among our members.

  • We provide these infrastructure projects, jointly with our members, the necessary capacity for development, construction, operation and maintenance, as well as financing, and professional advisory in market research, economics, finance, accounting, taxation, legal and technical matters.

Special Sponsorships and Specialized Professional Services Proposals

The Institute recognizes sponsorships with specific goals, and stands ready to prepare proposals and estimates for the rendering of specialized professional services of any nature, in reference to infrastructure.

Membership Privileges


  • Recognition as a Sponsor at the Platinum Corporate Level
  • Both Benefits, the Active Promotion by the Institute of the Member's Capabilities and Sponsorship of the First Event Included
  • All the Benefits of the Silver Corporate Level



  • Recognition as a Sponsor at the Gold Corporate Level
  • Election of one Benefit Between the Active Promotion by the Institute of the Member's Capabilities or Sponsorship of the First Event Included
  • All the Benefits of the Silver Corporate Level



  • Recognition as a Sponsor at the Silver Corporate Level
  • ​Right to Sponsor and/or Organize Special Events and/or Courses
  • ​Invitation to the Events Organized by the Institute and its Partners, at Preferential Rates
  • ​Invitation to Participate in the Institute's Work Meetings
  • Access to the Members' Section of the Institute's Website
  • ​Monthly Delivery of the Institute's Electronic Magazine
  • ​Participation in the Institute's General Assembly

Instituto Mexicano de Desarrollo de Infraestructura, A.C.

Infraestructura para el Desarrollo Económico y el Bienestar de México


Mexican Institute of Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure for the Economic Development and Welfare of Mexico


Governments: Project Articulation

Integral Advisory by the Institute and its Members

  • We know in detail the respective government plan.

  • We identify the infrastructure projects required to fulfill it.

  • We source the funds for each project's feasibility study, and undertake it.

  • We integrate the financial package for construction and operation.

  • We suggest modifications to the legal framework for the benefit of financing, construction, operation and maintenance.

  • We draft the documentation for the tendering process.

  • We disseminate the tender among the participants in the infrastructure ecosystem.

  • We advise on the evaluation of the tender's submissions.

  • We provide the professional services necessary for the project's supervision, throughout its life cycle, its development, construction, operation and maintenance.


The Institute places a toolkit at the disposal of the federal, state and municipal governments, which accelerates and sistematizes all activities required for the development of an infrastructure project.